rsync and cygwin

Trey Nolen tnolen at
Sun Jun 8 08:36:03 EST 2003

Hmm....This backup server is handling backup jobs from about a dozen other
machines -- all but three are Linux. The other three are Windows 2000
servers running Cygwin.  Two of those are not working (giving the error).
The backup machine has other duties, too, and has not had any issues. The
uptime is great, and the performance has been fine.

One other thing that might be important:  This error happens *JUST* after
building the file list. It is like the transfer doesn't work at all. It
errors immediately as the transfer starts.

Trey Nolen

>> The error is this:
>> Invalid file index <some number> (count=<some number>)
>> rsync error: protocol incompatibility (code 2) at sender.c (135)

> That error indicates something is seriously wrong at the
> communications level.  Given an ssh over TCP connection i'd
> rule out the network layer.  That leaves internal data
> corruption.  I'd start by questioning the integrety of the
> common point of failure--the backup server.  Check the logs
> for errors, run memtest, etc.

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