rsync and cygwin paths

Igor Pechtchanski pechtcha at
Thu Jun 5 03:06:24 EST 2003

On Wed, 4 Jun 2003, Lapo Luchini wrote:

> (cc to cygwin at so that people that knows ebtter what i'm
> talking about can eventually correct me)
> jw schultz wrote:
> >Perhaps that is the document he needs.  If not could you
> >cygwinese, cygwinites, cygwinists, cygwinim or whatever
> >point him to one that will clear up the slash/backslash
> >issues that still haven't been addressed.  Rsync does not
> >recognise backslashes as such in exclude patterns.  Path
> >components are expected to be delimited by slashes ("/")
> >only.  I expect the cygwin library translates as necessary.
> >
> Basically if you want to be sure about what you mean you better never
> use "\".
> I think the "actual state" is: cygwin's open() tries to do its best to
> open also "path with \" but most of the times there are 'problems' (that
> are, of course, no 'problems' but its meant that way) in the code of the
> app. itself that "block \" thinking they are "shell escapes" or anyway
> invalid paths... so that only a few application can be really used with
> "windows paths".
> Avoiding them completely is the safest choiche.
> Please notice that there is a default prgoramm called "cygpath" that's
> really useful to convert path- and file-names between the two version,
> and it's not so hard to create "wrapper scripts" to convert them, e.g.
> (I copied this long ago from I-don't-remember-where):
> for arg in $@ ;
> do
>   if [ -e "${arg}" ]; then
>     NEWARGS="${NEWARGS} `cygpath -p -w "$arg"`"
>   else
>     NEWARGS="${NEWARGS} $arg"
>   fi
> done


Note that the above won't work correctly if the program is expected to
create the file with a given name...  IMO, there is no way of writing a
generic wrapper script without knowing anything about program parameters.
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