Logging problem

René van der Kroft rene at backup.nl
Thu Jul 31 17:29:25 EST 2003

At 01:04 30-7-2003 -0700, you wrote:
> > Today the rsync run again, the backup directory shows that there where no
> > file changed.
> > The Internet statistics for that connection shows: IN 14M, OUT
> > 133M!  (Incoming on IP port 22, outgoing keep state)
> > That while the logs shows that there where no files where copied.
>Without knowing about the tree being scanned i can make no
>comment.  There is one other bit of data the server would be
>sending to the client that i forgot to mention and that is
>all those diagnostic messages you asked for.

Today I've removed the -vv switch and the traffic is now: IN 7.77M, OUT 
423.64 KB. I have three clients running rsync to the server, 1 on OpenBSD, 
2 on Windows (cywgin). The windows servers have no trouble with -vv and 
large traffic, Only the OpenBSD machine. Is this related to the amount of 
data or files the clients have?

Is there another way to do some detailed logging. (files changed, files 
copied, filesize etc)?
Now I do this... rsync -vv parameters > /var/log/20030731.log

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