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Thu Jul 31 02:07:44 EST 2003

> Very important I am just stucked at this point.
> Hi
> I started working on rsync and RH8 linux recently. I have loaded the
> rsync-2.5.5-1.i386.rpm. The list of rsync help paramets are coming on
> screen,when I am typing rsync -h.
> But I coulnot find any rsync.conf file in my linux box. Could anyone
> please tell me how to confgure and launch rsync for the following
> purpose.
> The scenario is:
> I have two apache servers running on RH Linux-8 boxes. One of my web
> server is the master server( and I want to make the other
> one as a replica( of the master one. So, I need to
> replicate the web pages automatically and I want to do it by rsync.
> Right now the servers are within a same network but I have a plan to
> place them into two different networks in future.

The way I would do this is:
on the master,
rsync -ae ssh /home/httpd/htdocs/ replica:/home/httpd/htdocs/
cron this command to run as often as you want.  To use ssh as a tunnel set
up an ssh key (man ssh-keygen, man ssh.)  You might want to consider using
forced command on the replica (put command="rsync server blabblabla" in
the begining of the key line.)  you can see what the command would be by
dding verbosity, -v, flags to the above command.
There are other ways to do it, but that is how I would do it. If you use
ssh it won't matter so as if the network is not secure.
> Eagerly waiting to hear ..
> Thanks and regards
> Somraj
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