Logging problem

René van der Kroft rene at backup.nl
Tue Jul 29 18:55:56 EST 2003


I'm using rsync version 2.5.5 on OpenBSD 3.3 to backup the users /home 
directory over the Internet. It's started by a cron job every night. For 
logging I've add the -vv parameter and redirect the output to a logfile. 
Like this:

rsync -vv --stats --archive --delete --backup --backup-dir=/home/backupdir 
--compress --rsh 'ssh -2 -i keyfile.key' /home 
user at server:/home/backup/current >/home/logs/date.log 2>&1

All the files are transferred successfully but logging doesn't work OK. 
When I add a file into the /home directory rsync picks him up and transfers 
him to the server, but when I look into the logfile he says that the file 
is uptodate and did not transfer anything. That's strange because the new 
file is on the server...

Also when I check the server Internet statistics I see that the outgoing 
traffic is much bigger than the incoming traffic (23M IN, 35M OUT). Is this 

Does anybody know a solution?

Thanks for the help.

The Netherlands


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