--include-from with no source directory

August Zajonc augustz at augustz.com
Sun Jul 13 20:49:51 EST 2003

Dear Friends,

I've seen this come up on the list in the past, most particularly here.


I find myself in a very similar position. 

Ideally I'd have a single file, as follows:

+ /www
- /www/bigstuff
+ /home
- /home/tempuser
+ /var/log/httpd

These are directories I'd like to backup recursively. 

This currently seems akward to do with the current version of rsync. 

If I do a 

- /* 

In the file I then have to make sure to include parent directories for
all the patterns I want to match. 

On the rsync commandline I'd do something like

rsync -r --include-from=abovefile /destination_dir

I'd still like to recurse through the directories listed, so it's more
then just a list of files to use. 

If the -from-files patch is what I need, count this as a vote for it's
inclusion in the mainline release. If anyone has some pointers who has
found themselves in a similar situation (and doesn't want to `cat
filelist` the files) please do let me know. 

- August

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