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Sun Jul 13 13:51:56 EST 2003

Dear rsync:

You may ask yourself
      >    How to make people like you and respect you
      >    How to win friends
      >    How to let your conduct help your health, work, job, career, success, relationships, spirit,  mind, well-being, ...
      >    How to make your life smoother and happier 
      >    How to do whatever you like without being unpleasant to other people 
      >    How to develop good conduct in your children or students 
      >    How to make the world peaceful and better

You can find all the answers to these questions, and much more, in this great handbook:
" Complete Conduct Principles for the 21st Century " by Dr. John Newton 

It is the best educational GIFT idea for children, friends, relatives, classmates, students, parents, teachers, other educators, ..., particularly at this special time. 

BENEFITS to each individual reader: Many! -- such as for health, work, job, career, success, self-improvement, education, relationships, spirit, mind, well-being, and much more -- almost all the areas that are important to you in the 21st century. People around you will benefit, too. (Please see the preface of the book for details.) 

EVERYONE may find this handbook useful and helpful, regardless of age (from children to oldsters), occupation, rank, status, gender, religious belief, race, nationality, country, or region. 

If you are a parent or a teacher, you can learn how to develop good conduct in your children or students from this handbook. Please advise your children or students to read the book. It will result in great benefits for both you and them. 

This book is a must for EVERYONE to be better prepared for personal conduct for the rest of the 21st century.

The book's content is obvious from its title. The complete useful conduct principles cover not only what we should do, but also what we should not do -- especially those faults people make often and easily. 

This timely, unique, and very important handbook is designed to suit most people, and is self-contained and user-friendly. 

The book was also praised as "a compendium of concisely expressed, practical, informative, pertinent, workable advice" by Michael J. Carson, a professional book reviewer.

This book is significantly different and better than competitive works.

"Unlike most books of this subject, it is NOT a religious book, nor is a collection of old conduct rules." 

Some of its innovative contents may help solve problems that the Western culture cannot. 

The book's merit and importance have been recognized and praised by many experts, elected public officials, and world leaders.

As a result of popular demand, the book has been a top "Featured Item" in some top on-line bookstores in some subjects, such as "Personal Practical Guides" in "Nonfiction" and "Reference", "Conduct" in "Health, Mind & Body", "Life skills guides", ...   

"The book will also be effective for violence prevention for the whole society." said some experts.

How to make the world peaceful and better ---
You can find the solution in the book.
Let's work together to make the world peaceful and better! 

The author, John Newton, holds a Ph.D. from MIT, and does researches at Harvard. His long-term research on "The personal conduct in the human society of the 21st century" resulted in this book. 

Before the human beings went into the 21st century, the compassionate, merciful, courageous and farsighted Dr. Newton had issued a number of warning predictions, some of which have already been proved in the new century.

The book is published by NCWO, headquartered beside Harvard University and MIT, two leading institutes of new knowledge and literature. The publisher has a deep commitment to publishing only the best.

NCWO is an educational, non-profit, non-partisan, and honorary organization; it endeavors to make the 21st century nicer than ever before. To accomplish its mission, NCWO is proud to introduce this book.

The Web site of NCWO has been chosen as one of "Top Non Profit Sites Chosen by Type Non Profit Editors".

The book is available in two types of binding: Hardcover (ISBN 0967370574; case bound, Smyth sewn; with dust jacket) and Paperback (ISBN 0967370582; perfect bound). Both editions are unabridged, and are printed on 60 lb, natural, acid-free, excellent and healthful paper. You can get the book from many fine on-line bookstores and traditional bookstores. 

For your convenience, (if you wish for an Internet link; otherwise you may skip this section)  I herewith provide you with a link directly to the book page of each edition in by eBay, a popular on-line discount mall:

for  paperback:

for hardcover:

Please forward this e-mail to people you know -- children, friends, relatives, classmates, students, parents, teachers, other educators, ..., because they can benefit from it, too. This can be a wonderful kindness you provide to them!

Sincerely yours,
(rsync, best wishes to you!)
Ronald Moran, Ph.D.
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Some educational units, ranging from the level of nation or state to individual school or university, have ordered the book as textbook, reference book, gift to students, or as an active action to prevent school violence, to improve education and to benefit students, teachers & parents. 

To have more people benefit from the book, please consider suggesting to the schools -- your children attend, or you yourself attend, have attended before, teach at, or serve -- that the book be used for fundraising for the schools. The book is an ideal fundraising tool. For example, it may used as a premium or a re-sale product for the fundraising. The successful fundraising will significantly help school education. Better yet, each supporter and his/her family will benefit from the book. Suggesting to the parent-teacher associations (organizations) (PTA/PTO) of the schools is also a good idea.

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