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jw schultz jw at
Thu Jan 23 10:35:01 EST 2003

On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 10:55:32AM +0100, Boris Gegenheimer wrote:
> Hello when i get this message what is wrong:
> /PTS.0.db2inst1.NODE0000.CATN0000.20030123062324.001: Value too large to be
> stored in data type
> Regards Boris

Dunno.  That error message is not in the rsync source.
Since you don't say what platforms are involved, what the
commandline or other config info is, the context of the
message, or what version of rsync it would be difficult to

My best guess is that the filename is too long for the
destination filesystem but that seems unlikely because rsync
creates its own error messages for that.

Confirm that you can create a file 10 chars longer than the
actual file then try again with more info.

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