Q : Rsync verbose message

Wayne Davison wayned at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jan 21 01:59:01 EST 2003

On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 10:46:56AM +0900, Yuji Sato wrote:
> wrote 3000000000 bytes read 2000000 bytes 600000.00 bytes/sec
> total size is 400000000000 speedup is 125.30
> "bytes/sec"
> Is this figure only as a result of a file transfer?
> Or is it the total result of since the rsync command is performed?

That figure is the total bytes transferred divided by the total time
that rsync was running.

> I had connected by gigabit(1000Base-T & 1000Base-SX), I hope more better
> results.

Rsync's main purpose is to work over slow networks, so it uses CPU to
avoid network transfer.  On a gigabit network, you're probably CPU
bound, and thus not able to use all the network bandwidth.  Try using
the -W (--whole-file) option.

> "speedup is"
> Is this that processing of only a file transfer took 125.30 seconds?

No, this is the multiplier of the bytes transferred compared to the
total size of all the files that either were or could have been
transferred.  In other words, if you divide the total size (which
includes all files that it scanned) by 125.30, that should equal the
bytes actually sent over the wire.  When the network is the limiting
factor in a transfer, this tells you how much faster the transfer
actually went.  When the network is not the limiting factor, it's
really just a compression factor.


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