Q : Rsync verbose message

Yuji Sato yujis at yujis.org
Tue Jan 21 01:47:01 EST 2003


I am using rsync for file server mirroring by Linux(Redhat7.2).
Please tell me, How to read about rsync last verbose message.

wrote 3000000000 bytes read 2000000 bytes 600000.00 bytes/sec
total size is 400000000000 speedup is 125.30

Is this figure only as a result of a file transfer?
Or is it the total result of since the rsync command is performed?
I had connected by gigabit(1000Base-T & 1000Base-SX), I hope more better

"speedup is"
Is this that processing of only a file transfer took 125.30 seconds?
I'd like to find to bottle neck.


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