Win2k, rsync, and ssh on cygwin

Garth Kidd garth at
Wed Jan 15 21:00:59 EST 2003

> If so, then the behavior is normal for rsync. What
> happens is that rsync sends a lot of small packets
> containing checksums, which is very expensive on 
> cygwin/windows. If you want, I can send you patched sources 
> (from Craig Barratt originally) [...]

I got a good >10X throughput boost with Craig's patch, both on
exchanging CRCs to figure out which bits are different and then on
getting the changes through. AFAIK, the sooner it's checked and then
checked in, the better. 

Thanks to Greger Cronquist, who kindly sent me patch. 

(I'm still excited. There's no longer enough time to make coffee during
my mail and code backups. I barely have time to switch windows. W00t!)


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