Openssl and rsync

Lee Wiltbank lwiltbank at
Fri Feb 21 04:15:32 EST 2003


I have been working on a project to Openssl'ify Rsync.  I am having
problems when Rsync forks two processes to handle a sender and was
wondering if anyone else would be able to lend a hand or some
pointers.  I have posted to 

Basically, I have brought up Rsync 2.5.5 on cygwin.  It goes through
the Openssl init and then waits on accept.  When it accepts, it forks
itself.  The child then communicates with the other side.  The problem
occurs when Rsync determines that it is the receiver and forks itself
again.  Then there are two processes with the same SSL object.  I
am having a lot of trouble getting data from the client once Rsync
does this two-fork thing.  I know that Openssl is multi-thread
capable, but this situation is where two processes have the same
SSL object and attached socket and are working with it.

This version works fine when Rsync is the sender, that is, the client
connects and the server sends the files over.  In this case, there is
only one process trying to write to the SSL object and socket.

I would appreciate any help or pointers from anyone.  Thanks.



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