MacOS X Rsync Server

jw schultz jw at
Thu Feb 20 10:58:34 EST 2003

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On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 06:42:47PM -0500, George D. Plymale wrote:
> I was able to build the rsync 2.5.5 package with your below suggested 
> option and it is now working as a daemon apparently without issue.

If you are distributing that please include an errata that
the daemon should be launched by root with no suplimentary
groups.  The supplimentary groups would be inherited by all
modules chrooted or not and that would effectively bypass
the gid option.

> Please advise as to the next step we can take.  If someone who has the 
> time or familiarity with darwin/xnu source to pinpoint the problem that 
> would be great as we could forward this information on to Bill 
> Bumgarner for Apple resolution.
> Thanks,
> -George Plymale

It shouldn't be too difficult to pin down the problem.

It might be as simple as copyin, or whatever the darwin
equivalent of copy-from-user,  trying to act before size has
been checked for 0.  It might be possible to test for that
without looking at source by simply passing a valid pointer
to setgroups ala setgroups(0, "\0") (i suggest it only as a
test and do not advocate doing that ugliness in rsync)

The real problem will be getting a fix incorporated into
shipped product.

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