rsync in cygwin as service

Max Bowsher maxb at
Wed Feb 12 04:04:36 EST 2003

Nitin Agarwal wrote:
> 1) Make a directory called RSYNC and copy rsync.exe, supporting dll
> files (cryptogrph-0.dll, cygwin1.dll), srvany.exe in this directory
Noooooooooooo! DO NOT! This is the primary cause of "My Cygwin is broken"
posts on the cygwin mailing list.

Now, if you really, really insist, you could use the nt reskit service
tools, but cygrunsrv is:
a) Easier to intall - straight from Cygwin setup
b) Specifically designed to run Cygwin programs.

> Dmitry Melekhov wrote:
>> I want to start  rsync on w2k as service.
>> If I try to  start rsync from command line it simply do nothig:
>> $ rsync --daemon
>> Administrator at dm-w2ks /usr/bin
>> $ ps
>>        480       1     480        480  con  500 04:15:03
>>       /usr/bin/bash 1428     480    1428       1420  con  500
>> 05:26:46 /usr/bin/ps
>> Administrator at dm-w2ks /usr/bin

You *should* see it running in ps. I suspect that the problem you are
running into when trying to run it as a service is also happening here. It
will probably be easier to debug this case than as a service. Try running
rsync --daemon --no-detach.

>> So I'm trying to set it as service:
>> C:\cygwin\bin>cygrunsrv -I "RSYNC" -d "Rsync" -p /bin/rsync.exe -a
>> "--daemon --no-detach"


>> C:\cygwin\bin>cygrunsrv -S "RSYNC"
>> cygrunsrv: Error starting a service: QueryServiceStatus:  Win32
>> error 1062: The service has not been started.

Generic failure message.

>> And I see in event log:
>> RSYNC : Win32 Process Id = 0x148 : Cygwin Process Id = 0x148
>> : starting service `RSYNC' failed: signal 11 raised.

Signal 11 = segfault.

Your rsync binary is potentially corrupt. Reinstall the Cygwin rsync
package - that might help.


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