/me dead for a short while [Was: rsync in cygwin as service]

Lapo Luchini lapo at lapo.it
Wed Feb 12 02:42:56 EST 2003

Dmitry Melekhov wrote:

> Hello!
> I want to start rsync on w2k as service.
> If I try to start rsync from command line it simply do nothig:
> $ rsync --daemon

Sorry to you and other people that waits for me to test/debug 
cygwin-specific problems in latest rsync, but my windows machine is 
actually dead (it's the same CyberOne as seen 'long time offline' from 
I guess I must change CPU and/or MB so it will take a while.


In Italy we say something that sounds like "it always rains where it's 
already wet" =(


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