getting rid of "permission denied" partial transfer errors

Sayan Sebastien.Li-thiao-te at
Tue Dec 23 08:14:05 EST 2003

Ron DuFresne wrote:
> sure avoid all perm/user issues by making the whole server suid.  seen 
> kids do that when they tired of having to su - root on their linux systems.
this command is only one line extracted from a script. Syncing of other 
files require root privileges one the server side, eg squid logs.

> The alternative would be to enable ssh for root for those particular 
> cron jobs <make sure the sshd_config is edited to disable this mischeif 
> after the job has run> and send and recieve as root on both ends, and 
> set the proper rsync switch to retain onwers/perms .
i have tried to refrain from being root on both systems. ;-)
The backup machine is quite paranoid, access is restricted by firewall 
filtering of the MAC/IP pairs. It would be quite disappointing to allow 
remote root access.
I am having trouble with user/group matching, too, as a consequence.


>> I am currently setting up a backup script for the /home directory of a 
>> server. I send all the files on a remote machine through LAN 
>> connection using rsync to optimize bandwidth usage.
>> The script is run as root on the server by a cron job but rsync 
>> connects to the remote machine as a normal user via an ssh key 
>> certificate. This leads to many "permission denied" errors, as the 
>> server side can read files (as root), but cannot create them on the 
>> receiving side.
>> rsync -azSHe ssh --delete --numeric-ids /home backup at backup:/mnt/backup/
>> Is there an option to ignore only such errors? I have read the man 
>> page over and over but i could not find anything to suit my needs.

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