Prepping for a new release (2.5.8? 2.6.0?)

Wayne Davison wayned at
Tue Dec 16 05:51:08 EST 2003

On Mon, Dec 15, 2003 at 10:03:28AM -0800, jw schultz wrote:
> The new wildmatch stuff should probably get a mild caution in the
> release notes.

Yes, it has the potential to trip up advanced users.  I'm thinking about
a short blurb that explains how to create exlude patterns that behave
the same on both old and new versions (e.g. anchor all wildcard strings,
make all '*'s "**"s if there is any "**" in the string, etc.).

> I wish we had a better handle on the cygwin hang and craigb-perf but i
> don't want to slow things down.

It sounds like Cygwin might be fixing the cause of the hang on their
end, so that's encouraging.  I too would like to see the buffered output
(craigb-perf patch) properly integrated, but have been wary of adding a
new hang.  We should probably apply it just after 2.6.0 and just work
out any problems it might cause before the next release.

> The one thing i really would have liked to have seen in a version bump
> would have been changing the default remote shell to ssh instead of
> rsh/remsh.

I can see this being both a good thing (since I think it is a better
default for new users) and a painful thing (for people who still use
rsh).  I'd be in favor of making this change, but I'm not sure if we
should try to slip it into 2.6.0 or not; on the one hand it is a very
simple change to make, but on the other it has a big impact on how rsync
works.  I suppose we should just leave it for later.

I made one pass through the TODO and INSTALL files looking for outdated
info.  I'd appreciate some other eyes giving these a quick scan.


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