Problem with the file order....

Vasil Kolev vasil at
Wed Dec 10 06:48:24 EST 2003

  Hi to all,
I've looked at the archives, asked google, and found no solution, so
that's why i'm asking this here. I thought that this should be solved in
some way, but surprisilngly, it looks like it isn't...

I'm running a debian mirror ( which has 128k
connectivity to the world, and 100mbps to it's clients. The problem is
the following: once a while, rsync starts to synchronize the local copy.
It firstly syncs the Packages* files, and then the packages themselves.
So, if someone is updating their debian in the mean time, and is trying
to get a package that wasn't synced, he'll get a file not found error.

If there was any way to tell rsync to get some files last, or some files
first, or even to reverse the order of the file list, that would solve
the problem... Of course, the script that runs rsync can be modified to
run rsync twice, once for the packages, and once for the Packages*
files, but that means that for every new or removed branch, the script
has to be modified again, and that sounds like very bad idea to me...

Has anyone had the same problem, and can someone think of any normal
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