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Wed Dec 10 08:12:38 EST 2003

On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 09:48:24PM +0200, Vasil Kolev wrote:
>   Hi to all,
> I've looked at the archives, asked google, and found no solution, so
> that's why i'm asking this here. I thought that this should be solved in
> some way, but surprisilngly, it looks like it isn't...
> I'm running a debian mirror ( which has 128k
> connectivity to the world, and 100mbps to it's clients. The problem is
> the following: once a while, rsync starts to synchronize the local copy.
> It firstly syncs the Packages* files, and then the packages themselves.
> So, if someone is updating their debian in the mean time, and is trying
> to get a package that wasn't synced, he'll get a file not found error.
> If there was any way to tell rsync to get some files last, or some files
> first, or even to reverse the order of the file list, that would solve
> the problem... Of course, the script that runs rsync can be modified to
> run rsync twice, once for the packages, and once for the Packages*
> files, but that means that for every new or removed branch, the script
> has to be modified again, and that sounds like very bad idea to me...
> Has anyone had the same problem, and can someone think of any normal
> solution?

I've not had that problem to me the idea of doing the
meta-data last makes sense but an alternative would be to
use lvm snapshots.  Have the clients use a snapshot which
only gets updated after the rsync successfuly runs.
An caching apt proxy might also be a goood alternative
although the internet load of using rsync is probably much

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