rsync-2.5.6 performance sucks between winXP and Solaris8

Jim Salter jsalter at
Tue Dec 2 17:53:43 EST 2003

There is a known issue that rsync randomly sucks hard under any Windows
environment.  In my own experience, it will do an initial copying fine, or
synchronize any directory sets under 1GB or so in size fine, but once you
ask it to handle a directory set 10GB or so, it's pretty much guaranteed to
start randomly locking up eternally on you.

Several users have said that they never had any troubles until 2.5.6, but I
tried regressing all the way back to 2.4.0 on the Windows side with no
apparent difference in behavior.  I also tried several different recommended
binary replacements and patches for rsync/cygwin - again, with no luck.  I
regret to say that I have finally, reluctantly, come to the conclusion that
rsync works great in *nix but is simply hideously broken under Windows (or
Windows is hideously broken under rsync, if you prefer), and no-one in the
community who really understands rsync has much interest in fixing it for
that environment.

I'm personally not too fond of the way Unison operates in terms of options /
interface / etc, but it does at least perform reliably and well under both
Windows and *nix environments.  If you absolutely must do differential
synchronization between Windows and Unix machines, I would recommend that
you do so with Unison.

Jim Salter
JRS System Solutions

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Subject: rsync-2.5.6 performance sucks between winXP and Solaris8

>  If I try to rsync OpenOffice-directory (OO as an example, 155 MBytes)
>  to Solaris8-machine/rsync-server it takes 4-5 minutes, about
>  70 MBytes gets transfered and eventually rsync.exe/winXP "dies"; actually
>  winXP's net doesn't responde anymore and I have to boot whole machine!
>  But when I try to do same between Linux and Solaris everything
>  works fine, transfer speed is about 4Mbytes/s; also between winXP
>  and Linux(as rsync-server) everything is fine too!
>  So, is there some known issue (with rsync) between winXP and Solaris?
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> IsoH
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