rsync-2.5.6 performance sucks between winXP and Solaris8

IsoH jd at
Tue Dec 2 03:42:18 EST 2003

 If I try to rsync OpenOffice-directory (OO as an example, 155 MBytes) 
 to Solaris8-machine/rsync-server it takes 4-5 minutes, about
 70 MBytes gets transfered and eventually rsync.exe/winXP "dies"; actually
 winXP's net doesn't responde anymore and I have to boot whole machine!

 But when I try to do same between Linux and Solaris everything 
 works fine, transfer speed is about 4Mbytes/s; also between winXP
 and Linux(as rsync-server) everything is fine too!

 So, is there some known issue (with rsync) between winXP and Solaris?



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