Diagnostic message end up in STDERR

Matthias Munnich munnich at atmos.ucla.edu
Sat Aug 30 05:54:33 EST 2003


I am getting messages like

total: matches=0  tag_hits=0  false_alarms=0 data=0
total: matches=29  tag_hits=59  false_alarms=0 data=1663794

in STDERR when I use rsync with "-vv". Is this a known

Here is the full rsync command:

rsync  -e ssh -abvv --delete --exclude lost+found/  --exclude core
--exclude *.o --exclude .netscape/cache --max-delete=250 
--backup-dir=/some/path remote:/path/to/sent /path/to/receive >>log_file

Receive: Linux PC, 2.4.21, rsync v 2.5.6 protocol version 26
Sent:    Solaris, 2.8, rsync v2.3.1 protocol version 20
[I know the Solaris version is ancient but I am not the sys. admin. ...]

Is there a way to avoid this and still get most of the diagnostics
of -vv?  Any help or comment is appreciated.



Matthias Munnich
UCLA Dep. of Atmospheric Science and
Inst. for Geophysics and Planetary Physics

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