How to synch entire dir???

Jason KRISCH jasonk at
Sat Aug 30 08:09:06 EST 2003

I hope someone can answer this.  I saw another post about this but it
had no answer.

How do you exclude entire dirs???
I have RTFM, RTF FAQ, RTF Mailing List Archives, and still I can't
figure it out.  ugh.

I am using this:

rsync -avz -e ssh --exclude=/Stuff /home/user/Data/Docs/

but "Stuff" is always synched.   The actual path to "Stuff" is:


I have tried:
--exclude "/Stuff/"
--exclude "/Stuff"
--exclude "/home/user/Data/Docs/Stuff/"

etc, etc.

I really need to know how to do this.... thanks in advance!!!

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