Inadequate error checking in rsync 2.5.5

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Fri Aug 15 08:08:22 EST 2003

On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 12:41:19PM -0700, David Norwood wrote:
[reformatted because someone doesn't know how to compose email]
> I'm using rsync to mirror files from a Windows XP machine
> mounted via smbfs.  Apparently I have something configured
> wrong as I get a "permisson denied" error accessing some
> of the files on the smbfs mount with cp, od, etc.
> However, rsync produces no error messages on these files.
> It happily creates files in the target directory that are
> the right size, but filled with null bytes.  
> This is repeatable on my system, until I figure out the
> smbfs permisson problem.  I'm running RedHat 9.  I'm not
> subscribed to this list, so please cc me on any replies.

If you are going to report problems the least you could do
is upgrade to a current version.  Unfortunately, i don't
expect that will fix this.

This looks like a situation similar to that which NFS can
have where open succeeds but read fails.  Unfortunately
there isn't really a good way to detect this until we get
into it and then it is indistinguishable from a file
being truncated out from under us.

It is down in map_ptr() where we don't have knowledge of the
file name and can't really report errors to the caller.

	if ((nread=read(map->fd,map->p + read_offset,read_size)) != read_size) {
		if (nread < 0) nread = 0;
		/* the best we can do is zero the buffer - the file
		   has changed mid transfer! */
		memset(map->p+read_offset+nread, 0, read_size - nread);

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