Rsync Folder level Synchronizing Problem

Angrish, Vishal Vishal.Angrish at
Wed Aug 13 07:13:11 EST 2003

I am using rsync for synchronizing two development work areas(geographically
My Task: To copy abc/USER/xyz/123/456/..... to indiavidual developers remote
machines atrting from xyz folder.
here USER will vary, so for that i have created module till directory
structure abc
and the command runs like
rsync -avz --times vangrish at ruskin::MODULE/%USERNAME%
<mailto:vangrish at ruskin::MODULE/%USERNAME%>  .
the above mentioned command works fine, but it copies the username folder
also, where as my requirement is from xyz folder, as then another process
runs on the resulted folder.
i tried: 
rsync -avz --times vangrish at ruskin::MODULE/%USERNAME%/xyz
<mailto:vangrish at ruskin::MODULE/%USERNAME%/xyz>  . but it is giving errors.
i tried --rsync-path option also, but no desired output, any suggestions.
please dont tell me to create different modules for each
Vishal Angrish

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