rsync 2.5.6 timeout bug

Alan Burlison Alan.Burlison at
Fri Aug 1 03:47:28 EST 2003

> The 60 second timeout is only on select.  The internal
> io_timeout is only evaluated for connection termination in
> check_timeout() which does not use the SELECT_TIMEOUT.

Ah!  That makes sense - thanks.  It appears that io_timeout is set to 
the same value as lp_timeout(i) [clientserver.c:465], so the value that 
is passed to select is that specified via --timeout or rsyncd.conf, or 
60 if no timeout value is specified.

>> I'm also not clear exactly how the client and server timeout values 
>> interact, the rsyncd.conf entry says:
>> The "timeout" option allows you to override the clients choice for IO 
>> timeout for this module,
>> which implies that the client timeout value (if specified) is passed across 
>> the wire and is used by the server - is this really what is supposed to 
>> happen?  If so, experimentation suggests that it might be broken as well.
> That is what really happens.  The client specified timeout
> is passed over the wire for use by the server but if the
> server has a value specified in rsyncd.conf that value will
> override the client.

OK, right - thanks for the clarification.  Still leaves me with the 
puzzle of why my rsyncs are timing out though...  More investigation is 
obviously needed.

> I'd suggest you join the list.  There isn't that much
> traffic on it and you can un-subscribe easily.


> I'd also suggest the admin of that site set a timeout value.
> An unlimited timeout invites DOS attacks.

I've already done that (and he has set one), but thanks for the 
suggestion anyway.

Alan Burlison

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