--whole-file not working ?

Satsco perisat at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 24 21:57:14 EST 2003


thanx for ur reply.
i am a newbie at rsync.. so please bear with my silly
errors, if any.

Yes, I know of the -a option being equal to -rlptgoD.
i actually intended to use -rlpogtb, 'a' was inserted
in there by error. I am not expecting "D" devices in
the share and therefore i was reluctant to use "-a"

since i am using an SMB mount here, data is actually
transferred over the network (LAN), therefore
is actually a good idea -- in fact, its working gr8 !
i am using --timeout because -- if for any reason the
network connection to the SMB share is not available,
the command must exit and not hang endlessly.

i have been thru the man pages... are you talking of 
--ignore-existing ?? will this be my solution ?
does it in any way conflict with any other options
that i have specified ?

thanx for ur time. really appreciate it.


--- jw schultz <jw at pegasys.ws> wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 24, 2003 at 03:57:11AM -0700, Satsco
> wrote:
> > hello all,
> > 


> What a strange command-line.  --whole-file is
> automatic for
> local which this is.  --bwlimit and --timeout only
> apply to
> network transfers.  Furthermore -a is the same as
> -rlptgoD
> so -arlpogtb is the same as -ab, the only part of -a
> you
> didn't redundantly specify was -D.
> 	rsync -ab --suffix=~bak --stats /home/2/* /backup/2
> \
> 		> back2rsync.log 2>back2rsyncerr.log
> would have had the exact same effect.
> Perhaps reading the manpage would be a good idea.


> --whole-file instructs the utility that IF a file's
> size or
> mtime indicates it changed the rsync algorythm is to
> be
> disable and the whole file will be transferred.
> In your case no files changes were detected so there
> was
> nothing to transfer/copy.
> There is an option that will ignore that fact that
> the file
> times are unchanged but i'll let you find that by
> reading
> the manpage for yourself.
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