Two --bwlimit issues

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Thu Apr 17 05:11:17 EST 2003

2. I use it mainly on the client side. Depending on the speed of the WAN
connection and how much of the pipe I want the Rsync to have. For
instance, I have 384kbps capacity internet connection at home, so I set
bwlimit to 12 on my home computers' remote backup, for about 120kbps of

Some other locations with faster connections get a higher speed in 
bwlimit. Locations on the same LAN do not get a bwlimit setting at all.

On question1, I would venture a GUESS that it's per-client, since each 
client gets it's own process on the server when you run rsync in daemon 
mode. I do not specify it on the server side.


> Hi,
> I have two issues with the --bwlimit parameter to rsync which are not=20
> mentioned in the FAQ (please correct me if I am wrong):
> 1. When both an rsync client and an rsync daemon specify the --bwlimit=20
> parameter, the client's value overrides the server's value. This could=20
> be used in a DOS attack if the client uses a larger value than the=20
> server intended. The documentation also is rather unclear about this,=20
> e.g. is this a per-client or overall limit if used in the daemon?
> 2. I assume the --bwlimit parameter to be used mainly by the server side =
> to limit traffic, so it would be nice if there was a daemon=20
> configuration file equivalent for the --bwlimit command line parameter.
> Kind regards,
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