rsync --daemon only binding against IPv6

Thomas Klausner wiz at
Mon Sep 30 12:58:01 EST 2002


We (NetBSD pkgsrc) got the following bug report:

In short, it says that rsync-2.5.5 does not bind to a IPv4 port (it
binds only to an IPv6 port) when used with rsync --daemon, making it
impossible to use rsync as rsync server under NetBSD 1.5.2

Any hints on this one?

Also, one patch we have in pkgsrc seems not to have been included in
the distribution yet. It is attached. It was added to pkgsrc with the
following comment:

The arithmetic here must be ordered so that type promotions (s->n is
unsigned) do not cause a false match.


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$NetBSD: patch-aa,v 1.8 2002/03/12 16:02:57 tron Exp $

--- match.c.orig	Sun Feb  3 02:38:39 2002
+++ match.c	Tue Mar 12 16:55:19 2002
@@ -247,7 +247,7 @@
 		   running match, the checksum update and the
 		   literal send. */
 		if (offset > last_match &&
-		    offset-last_match >= CHUNK_SIZE+s->n && 
+		    offset >= last_match+CHUNK_SIZE+s->n && 
 		    (end-offset > CHUNK_SIZE)) {
 			matched(f,s,buf,offset - s->n, -2);

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