Password authentication in a script

Bernd Haug mailinglisten at
Mon Sep 30 12:57:00 EST 2002

f.collineau wrote:
> Here is my rsyncd.conf file:
> [rsync]
> 	path=/
> 	uid=nobody
> 	gid=nobody
> 	auth users=rsync
> 	secrets file=/etc/rsyncd.secret

So, the Daemon would ask you for the passwd in the secrets file, if 
you *were to connect* to it - which you IMO aren't.

The rsync.secret passwords table is only responsible if you access the 
server per
rsync [OPTION]... rsync://[USER@]HOST[:PORT]/SRC [DEST]

> Here is my batch file on windows:
> rsync251-2 -e ssh  -av rsync at e:\essai

This looks like you used ssh transport instead of rsync:, this AFAIK 
means that the Unix system is responsible for the authentication.

So, your rsync secrets are never checked, but the prompt is from ssh.

If you want to forego password checks in this way, you probably want 
to use ssh key authentication w/o a key password.

But this special command line will probably never work, anyway, since 
the user rsync obviously is a rsync secrets-file user, not a unix user 
(which would be required for ssh transport).

I would recommend to you thoroughly reading the manpages for:

Also, for deeper understanding, read should up about Unix authentication.

Questions that are unclear then will likely be discussed with more 
gusto here.

Yours, have fun, Bernd

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