Rsync synchronizes unchanged files

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Sorry for the delay in answering.  I got interrupted and forgot to 
Most MS operating systems use 2-second granularity in timestamps, so that 
mtime an odd timestamp gets stored as an even one, and thus never matches. 
 That's why the developers added the --modify-window directive.
SunOS 5.7           Last change: 25 Jan 2002                    7

User Commands                                            rsync(1)

          When comparing two timestamps rsync treats  the  times-
          tamps  as  being  equal if they are within the value of
          modify_window. This is normally zero, but you may  find
          it  useful to set this to a larger value in some situa-
          tions. In particular,  when  transferring  to/from  FAT
          filesystems  which  cannot  represent  times  with  a 1
          second resolution this option is useful.

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> P.S.: The purpose of this work is to maintain a computer lab running
> Windows XP and other systems.

                 Get the latest version.  From :
rsync 2.5.5 "Snowy River" (2 April 2002)
* Fix --whole-file problem that caused it to be the default even
      for remote connections.  (Martin Pool, Frank Schulz)


                 Could this be the problem?  Please indicate your rsync 
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