pulling data from the server

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Heck no.  Technical doc is tough, especially if it's not originally 
written in your native language.
Now, i admit, I was able to resolve my usage issues with the man page, 
based on the error messages, but again, I'm not having to use a foreign 
language to do it.  I've often thought it must be tough for non-english 
speaking technical people, since most software is written by and for 
english speakers, even when it's written by, for instance, a Finn, so all 
of you guys have to learn english and do things the hard way.
I was on a project in Tokyo, and found myself without a translator. 
Knowing the above fact, I fired up vi, and we communicated in text. 

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Thank you. I have read that, but how to use it the first time is not
obvious at all.

I am pretty sure that you experienced the frustration of using new
software and you cannot find the example that you really need in the man
page. Or you want to make me believe that the first time you read the man
page of tar or dump, you got it right away? :-)


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