rsync - ssh password prompt?

dmaloy at dmaloy at
Fri Sep 27 03:10:02 EST 2002

I have installed rsync on a solaris machine running v9 and
 setup ssh. The problem is that when I try and rsync up
 some files to this machine from a remote solaris box, I am
 NOT prompted for a password?? I see a lot of messages
 talking about how to get it so that you are not prompted,
 but in my case, I am wondering why I am not prompted?

The account does have a password on the o/s and when I
 invoke the rsync command I am using the
 username at servername syntax.  I have not setup any
 public/private key for this user to override the password

Any help would be appreciated? Please copy email to:
dmaloy at as I only recently subscribed.

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