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Brad Hards bhards at bigpond.net.au
Thu Sep 26 05:24:01 EST 2002

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On Mon, 23 Sep 2002 00:38, Brad Hards wrote:
> The attached patch adds "first draft" support for service location
> protocol, using OpenSLP  (http://www.openslp.org). This allows you to
> automagically discover all the rsync servers on your network (which is
> defined in terms of your SLP configuration - typically equal to multicast
> scope, but you can change it around with Directory agents).

For those people that looked at the patch and found it so ugly that their eyes 
hurt - I apologise. Must have been a bad pizza that night :(

I've cleaned the service registration up a bit, and added some service 
location stuff. You can now do something like:
bradh at squirt rsync-2.5.5 $ ./rsync rsync://
  rsync://squirt.cuneata.net:5678:/ftp          whole ftp area (approx 6.1 GB)
  rsync://squirt.cuneata.net:5678:/sambawww     Samba WWW pages (approx 240 
  rsync://squirt.cuneata.net:5678:/cvs          CVS repository (requires 
  rsync://squirt.cuneata.net:5678:/test3        Test3 ftp area (approx 0 MB)
  rsync://squirt.cuneata.net:5678:/newftp       (No description)

The service location code (srvloc.c) is pretty ugly - its basically only demo 
quality. But it runs.

In a GUI version, what other module attributes are people interested in 
(assuming that there is any interest at all in any of this)? The ones I 
thought about:
* read only
* auth users (which would indicate whether this module required authorisation, 
or not, rather than specifying the users)
* hosts deny and hosts allow (which would indicate if there were any hosts in 
such a list, rather than actually registering the list)

I need to specify this if there is ever going to be an SLP service template 
for rsync.

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