exclude option?

Wayne Davison wayned at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Sep 17 17:18:00 EST 2002

On Tue, 17 Sep 2002, Bjorn Graabek wrote:
> and here are (currently) the contents of my exclude.txt file:
> ---
> + /my documents*
> + /favorites*
> + /cookies*
> + /local settings/application data/microsoft/outlook/outlook.pst
> - /*
> ---

I think the first problem is that you aren't using the right
capitalization.  Rsync does not ignore case, so it will not match
the named directories unless you specify them using the same
mixed-case that is returned by a directory list.

Another problem is that you don't specify a way to get into the
"Local Settings" dir to get down to the outlook.pst file.

Finally, the trailing '*' is not needed if you are matching the
directory name exactly, only if you are matching more than one
directory with each line.  I'm assuming you aren't, so here's my
suggested solution (you'll have to check if the mixed case is OK):

+ /My Documents
+ /Favorites
+ /Cookies
+ /Local Settings
- /*
+ /Local Settings/Application Data
- /Local Settings/*
+ /Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft
- /Local Settings/Application Data/*
+ /Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook
- /Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/*
+ /Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook/outlook.pst
- /Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook/*

All the extra rules with the "/Local Settings" dir is because I
assume there are other files in this hierarchy that you don't want
to copy or you just would have said "+ /Local Settings" and left it
at that.  These lines specify a path that the hierarchical descent
through the directories can follow that will get it to the lone file
that you want to send, and excludes all other files and directories.


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