exclude option?

Bjorn Graabek bjorn at graabek.com
Tue Sep 17 13:04:01 EST 2002

I'm completely confused by the exclude option, and I have by now tried for a
whole day to get the behaviour I want.

I'm trying to rsync from a W2K machine to Linux. Here's the rsync command
line I'm using:

c:\rsync\rsync -av --delete --stats --exclude-from=exclude.txt "/documents
and settings/%WIN_USERNAME%/" x.y.com:rsyncdir

and here are (currently) the contents of my exclude.txt file:

+ /my documents*
+ /favorites*
+ /cookies*
+ /local settings/application data/microsoft/outlook/outlook.pst
- /*

I think it is obvious what I'm trying to do. I want everything in the 3
first directories shown and I want the outlook.pst file and nothing else.
With the various options I've tried I either get nothing at all or I get
absolutely everything underneath "/documents and settings/my_user_name/".

It would of course be nice with just being presented with a solution, I
could then probably figure out how it works, but if somebody has the
patience to explain as well, that would be nice too.

Bjorn Graabek

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