ERROR: out of memory in flist_expand on Tru64 UNIX

David Starks-Browning starksb at
Mon Sep 16 10:52:00 EST 2002

On Wednesday 28 Aug 02, George Chalissery writes:
> I am running rsync version 2.5.5 on Tru64 UNIX on two AlphaServers running
> version 4.0F and version 5.1. 

(Sorry for the delay in replying!)

Digital Unix 4.0 is notorious for having a very small stack limit by
default.  What does 'ulimit -s' say on each host?  Try increasing this
limit to something much more generous.  (Perhaps to the 32MB default
used in Tru64 5.1, which is probably the hard limit in DU 4.0 anyway.)

Hope this helps.


> Rsync fails with the error message:
> ERROR: out of memory in flist_expand
> A log of the command I am using is:
> # rsync --dry-run --recursive --delete foo:/foo1 /bar1/foo1copy
> receiving file list ... done
> ERROR: out of memory in flist_expand
> rsync error: error allocating core memory buffers (code 22) at util.c(232)
> # echo $status
> 22
> #
> Any advice will be much appreciated. These machines have 2GB of physical
> memory and the kernel parameters have been tuned to allow a process can
> access up to 4GB of virtual memory.
> George.

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