logging on client side on NT

bart.coninckx at watco.be bart.coninckx at watco.be
Fri Sep 13 10:17:03 EST 2002


I would like to log whatever happens with rsync on client side when it runs
with Cygwin on NT4.
First, I just did a redirect of the screen output to a log-file:

rsync -rtv --delete --modify-window=2 --stats /cygdrive/g/users/bco/test/
bee2bs01::d/test/ >>c:\rsync\log\%FDATE%.log

The problem with this method is that it does not redirect whatever Rsync
reports as errors; because they are showed on the screen. This is a shame,
because that's the info that interests us.

I've fiddled around quite a bit with the "--log-format=" option, but I
don't get any valid output, perhaps because NT uses another escape
character than Unix/Linux.

Anyone any ideas to still be able to capture all error messages into a

Thx already!


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