Rsync-ing from remote to remote

Schmitt, Martin (Dregis STB C) Martin.Schmitt at
Fri Sep 13 09:55:01 EST 2002

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to do something along those lines:

rsync --rsh=ssh --archive foo:/data/* bar:/data/

Where foo is on the other side of a firewall, bar has no network connection
to foo, and the machine I'm executing this on can connect to both of them.

Unfortunately, copying from remote to remote doesn't seem to be possible
with rsync. There's no mention in the Manpage as well, so I guess that
functionality really isn't there.

Do you know some kind of work-around for this? Weird stuff involving piping
from one rsync command into another maybe? Or did I miss something in the

Thanks in advance for all hints,


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