Rsync and trying to mirror Linux user areas

Lachlan Cranswick l.m.d.cranswick at
Wed Sep 11 20:56:01 EST 2002


Just a word of the bleeding obvious on the following problem I reported
(if someone else did reply - it got lost in the few 100 spam Emails I
get a day)

In the /etc/rsync.conf - under the relevant module area - it was a
matter of setting the uid and gid to root.

   uid = root
   gid = root

(On other machines I have setup with rsync - they all involved setting
up highly conservative modules)



>As root, I am trying to mirror a Redhat 7.3 Linux user area 
>onto another Redhat 7.3 Linux  box using rsync.  This is using 
>the following type of command:
>rsync -a -v --stats --safe-links
>However, rsync cannot mirror most of the user area because
>of the default permissions for the user areas.
>opendir(user1): Permission denied
>opendir(user2): Permission denied
>drwx------    3 user1    users        4096 Apr 14 20:55 user1
>drwx------    3 user2    usera        4096 Apr 14 20:55 user2
>Is there a way around this with rsync so that all user 
>files get mirrored? (irrespective of their permissions)?.
>(root on both machine can happilly browse around)

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