Question about multiple hosts in hosts allow in rsyncd.conf

Eli eli at
Tue Sep 10 17:29:00 EST 2002


First off, if you are going to reply, please send a copy to my email
address, as I have not subscribed to this list.

I have a setup that I use for backups, and right now one of the servers
that needs to back up can't seem to connect to the rsync server.  I know
all the possible IP's the server could use, so I added a hosts allow
line (since I deny connections by default) to include all possible IP
ranges.  The system still says it times out when trying to contact the
rsync server.

I figured the config file would use the same syntax as Samba, so i have
a line that looks like:

hosts allow =

(The IP's aren't the real IP's I use obviously)

Unfortunately, rsync doesn't give errors when unauthorized clients try
to connect, so I can't tell if the client is even contacting the server,
and if so, what IP it's coming from.

I'm wondering if the format of my hosts allow line is incorrect?  Should
it be seperated by commas, or should it be enclosed in quotes?  There's
no mention of how to properly put more than one host on a hosts allow

Also, I like the ability to use --address for the server so it only
binds to the specific IP/device, however it would be even nicer if the
client would allow this sort of action too so I could force the client
to use a specific IP (sometimes our servers have messed up routing
tables and the requests goes out one of the 500+ IP's, but never the
default server IP!).

Side note:  I quickly read through the TODO list, and the feature that
really looked nice is the part about traversing directories once rather
than having it do whatever in memory first then transfer files.  The
reason this is really nice is on a first time backup of lots of files,
it takes FOREVER for it to do anything (rsync'ing about 8GB of data is a
lovely little task!).

Anyways, thanks in advance for any help!


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