Re 2: Sorry to waste your time - I will stop using rsync

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Mon Sep 9 02:46:00 EST 2002

What network card are you using?  I had a very similar situation with
a RealTek network card.  I am looking in my archives for my notes, I
think this is the hardware driver name, 3c90x-1.0.0.  Anyway, it was
crashing every time I ran a large rsync, but teh rsync wasn't the
issue, there was a driver problem that occured it a high load, casuing
the machine to go down.  By it was like a Hollywood death scene,
first, I would notice the network traffic stop, then my mouse would be
sluggish and finally my terminal would freeze, about 20 seconds in
total.  If I did a ifconfig eth0 down at the first sign of this, I
would save the crash.

As a secondary to this problem, rsync also caused my CPU temp to read
44C during these big copies (~1gb), which also caused my machine to

rsync sufficently stressed my hardware to cause these problems, but
rsync was never the direct cause.  After discovering what I thought
was happening I NFS mounted the large partition and ran a du -sk and
finally was able to trap the RealTek driver error.

Trevor Marshall writes:
> Peter,
> One other thing.
> The first two times it crashed I erased the file tree created by rsync so
> that the snaphot started from scratch again. 
> Each of these two times it got to exactly the same file:
> usr/lib/locale/es_CO/LC_COLLATE
> when it crashed. 
> That was when I stopped rebuidling and re-cabling my hardware, because I
> saw a determinate pattern in the crashes...
> (sheepish) should have said that before .. sorry..
> ..Trevor..
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