Remote machine not accepting root password

Doug Schasteen dschast at
Thu Sep 5 22:58:00 EST 2002

Hi all,


I'm running FreeBSD 4.6.2 and I just installed rsync on both of my
machines using the ports library. When I try to rsync some data from one
machine to the other, it asks me for my password and I give it, but then
it tells me I don't have permission to copy the files I'm wanting to
copy. So I superuser and then run the command again, but then it asks me
for the root password on the other machine. I know this password and I
know I'm typing it in right, but for some reason it keeps telling me
"permission denied", which I guess means my password was wrong. Why does
it think my root password is wrong when I know that it is right?


For reference: the command I'm using is

rsync -rv /www/





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