The file name end with . (dot) will be renamed at destination fol der

Quang Tran Hong tran-hong.quang at
Thu Sep 5 11:16:00 EST 2002

 If the source file name ends with . (dot)  the name of the destination file
will be cut the dot off.
For example:
There are "NormalFile" and "NormalFile." under /Apps/TestFolder . I try to
rsync this folder. The file "NormalFile." after being copied to destination
folder then renamed to "NormalFile", but "NormalFile" is already exist, so
the error message appear.
#rsync -urv  --delete --progress /Apps/TestFolder/

building file list ... done
23 (100%)
rename .NormalFile..idNZdb -> NormalFile. : File exists
wrote 147 bytes  read 36 bytes  7.79 bytes/sec
total size is 44  speedup is 0.24

How can I stop automatically rename the file name? 
Thank you in advance.
Tran Hong Quang
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