Aborted by user!

Lanny Baron lnb at FreeBSDsystems.com
Thu Sep 5 10:51:01 EST 2002

On a Server running FreeBSD 4.6-STABLE, I have a script which runs from
a crontab. The problem I am encountering is as follows:

opening connection using ssh zing.crosswind.net rsync --server --sender
-vvvlogDtprz . /etc/raddb/users 
Aborted by user! 
rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes read so far)
rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(150)
_exit_cleanup(code=12, file=io.c, line=150): about to call exit(12)

The strange thing is, if I run the script by hand, i.e. ./users it works
as shown:

lnb at ns1:~$ ./users
opening connection using ssh zing.crosswind.net rsync --server --sender
-vvvlogDtprz . /etc/raddb/users 
local_version=24 remote_version=26
receiving file list ... 
server_sender starting pid=49329
received 1 names
recv_file_list done
get_local_name count=1 /etc/raddb/users
recv_files(1) starting
generator starting pid=33660 count=1
send_file_list done
send_files starting
/etc/raddb/users is uptodate
generate_files phase=1
recv_files phase=1
generate_files phase=2
send_files phase=1
send files finished
total: matches=0  tag_hits=0  false_alarms=0 data=0
recv_files finished
wrote 16 bytes  read 259 bytes  183.33 bytes/sec
total size is 379843  speedup is 1381.25
_exit_cleanup(code=0, file=main.c, line=925): about to call exit(0)
lnb at ns1:~$

Would anyone know what is causing rsync to abort from the crontab?

Lanny Baron
Proud to be 100% FreeBSD
FreeBSD Systems, Inc / Freedom Technologies Corp.
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