MD4 bug in rsync for lengths = 64 * n

Donovan Baarda abo at
Tue Sep 3 23:31:00 EST 2002

Quoting Dave Dykstra <dwd at>:

> Donovan or Craig, can you please post it as a patch to the current
> rsync
> source (including an increase in the protocol version and checks to do
> the
> old behavior when talking to an old version client).

I'm not the person to do this, as I don't know the rsync code and protocol 
version stuff that well. I've been working on librsync instead. (handballs to 
Craig :-).

I'm not sure what the best way of implementing the old behavior for talking to 
old versions would be. Perhaps implement a broken finalise in a 
seperate "mdfour-old.c" would be best. Then the the mdfour.[ch] can be common 
for librsync, rsync, and perhaps samba without including old broken cruft just 
for rsync. 

> Probably we wouldn't want to incorporate it until a major release
> anyway
> (2.6.0) but if it isn't developed soon and put into the "patches"
> diretory
> it's likely to be forgotten.

I've put the patches against librsync up on the librsync SF page. After I 
migrate it and librsync to the RSA implementation API I'll be submitting it to 
libmd. It would be nice if we had standard md4sum code that every project could 


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