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José Luis Barrera jluis.barrera at olecenter.com
Tue Sep 3 13:26:01 EST 2002

Dear all!

	Ive got a problem with rsync on a w2k machine!
	I run this
		rsync -r "\\c/UTILS/" "unixmachine:/home/myuser"

	The message I get from the machine is

		unixmachine: remshd: Login incorrect.
		rsh.exe: can't establish connection
		read error: Connection reset by peer

	The rsh command works fine with the actual configuration eg.
		rsh unixmachine -l myuser ls
	this command returns the ls of the /home/myuser

	Trying to do it with user at unimachine rsh returns an error command like, it
hasnt been used correctly, i dont 	really have a clue of whats going on,
because rsync works fine between two unix machines. Any idea? Should i 	try
to put rsync as a service?


José Luis Barrera
Developer/Xpert OnLine
jluis.barrera at olecenter.com
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