rsync error: unexplained error

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Mon Sep 2 18:23:00 EST 2002

On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 02:40:36PM -0700, drstaples at wrote:
> JW,
> Sorry for p*ssing you off, that was not my intention.

Not pissed, pussed or passed off.  Just terse so don't sweat it.

> I looked at the archives and saw no resolution to this specific problem in
> any of the rsync-2.5.3-NEWS, rsync-2.5.4-NEWS or rsync-2.5.5-NEWS files.
> I am somewhat new to the *NIX environment and don't yet understand all
> the tools or protocols (CVS, diff(1), patch(1)) or how they work.

The main thing is 'diff -bur old new >patchname.patch'
That way we have context and trivial whitespace changes are
ignored.  Using 'cvs diff -ub' makes the process almost
bulletproof.  Someone else might have further notes
regarding CWD, i'm inclined to make CWD the new directory.

> However, I did just download from the 2.5.5 source
> (not sure this is where I should be getting it from or not).  In any event, the
> source that exist there (with regard to handling terminating children) is no
> different from the 2.5.2 version.

A fair amount of main.c has changed in CVS since 2.5.5
including some structure but i don't see anything in the
logs related to signals.  Learning CVS can be a bit of
effort so i can understand reluctance if any.  There are
some pointers on the download page
( to getting CVS or a
current snapshot.

> I will look into how to properly format the changes for diff(1) and/or patch(1).
> I would appreciate it if someone would let me know how and to where I should
> submit the changes for incorporation into the product.

Mail them to the list with Subject starting with [patch].
I can't be sure but it is probably safest to attach them as
text/plain if can't be sure what your mailer will do to
whitespace. (i see you use Notes and Outlook)

> Dave
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> To start with, use the carrage return and don't send html.
> This sounds like a problem that was fixed a few months ago.
> You might try searching archives.  Upgrade to current
> (2.5.5) or the CVS tree.
> And please send any changes as diff -u against up-to-date
> CVS (see diff(1) and patch(1)) encoded as text/plain or flat
> ascii.  With what you sent it is unclear what you changed
> and requires much work to apply changes.
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