rsync ownership problem via ssh?

jw schultz jw at
Thu Oct 24 22:49:01 EST 2002

On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 12:29:31PM -0400, dmaloy at wrote:
> I am using rsync to sync filesystems from one Solaris
> machine to another at a remote site. Everything sync's
> fine, except for the ownership preservation. The
> permissions all get transferred correctly and so do all the
> files, but the ownership always gets changed to whomever I
> perform the sync as. I tried this as root and still the
> same problem. I am using the -p, -o and -g options to
> preserve the permissions, owner and group respectively. The
> man page seems to imply that as "root" this works? I have
> not found this to be the case.  I am using ssh when
> transmitting the data.
> Can someone please help?

What you are describing doesn't jibe so i'll ask
a couple of "is it plugged in" questions.

Is it root on the receiver?  For this the sender uid doesn't

Are the same user names on both ends (case and spelling

Did you try --numeric-ids?  Not really appropriate if the
same users have different IDs but maybe worth a try.

Have you run with -v or -vvv and what about the rsync log.

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