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uwp at dicke-aersche.de uwp at dicke-aersche.de
Wed Nov 13 19:56:00 EST 2002

Today, Mozzi wrote:

> All tests were done from the same two machines in the same direction,I
> just changed the options
> It was done on two Gigabit nic's with a crosover cable so network usage
> and speed were effectively
> not a factor.

This is not true ! A Gigabit card itself never uses jumbo packets if you
don't tell them to use it. With jumbo packets it should be possible
to have almost 50-70% more throughput !

> scp failed misserably

No, it was the shell that failed, you used globbing with the *.
Try it with . and you can see, that it works. Even here it's recommended
to user -c arcfour (as proven in the rest of your results that it's
the fastest encryption at this time).


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